How many hours should a 15 years old code per day?

Hello hope you’re staying healthy and safe. I’m 15 years old and finished some HTML and CSS courses and now learning JS and I’m a little bit concerned of how many hours should I code (or learn to code)?
Thank you and have a nice day/night !!!


It is really up to you, but still be logical and reasonable. I’m also 15 years old (hey…) and I usually code at least 2-3 hours a day. If trying to find some motivation, you can try to do the #100DaysOfCode challenge. I’m currently doing it, and it really helps me.


Omgoodness…you guys are fifteen! I am only two years older than you. My method while learning coding to space myself is quite simple.

  1. Start coding in the morning (with frequent interruptions from Mom and six siblings).
  2. Stop for breakfast and watch Youtube while eating.
  3. Before lunch, code while frequently checking out the freecodecamp forum, codepen, and my email.
  4. At lunch, eat and watch Youtube.
  5. Code in between frequent stops for family life when called for.
  6. Code till past my bedtime and then yawn my way up the stairs.

Sometimes I get really stressed, so I take a break and hardly code at all.


Back in the day I used to practice guitar 6-8 hours a day with or without my band.

Granted I also barely passed school so I’d say 2-4 hours is probably better.

What is more important, I think, is the consistency and quality of your practice and work.


As much time as you want without impacting prior commitments. The amount of time you spend is of less importance than how you spend your time.

You could learn more and be more productive with 2 hours of focused work than 10 hours of unfocused distracted work.

Setup some long and short term goals and determine how much time you have available to see how much time you should spend. If you find your falling behind, either use your time more wisely, or update your projections on your goals.

Your still pretty young, so time is at least on your side :slight_smile:



I’m not at all sure that there’s a legal limit for that, unless at home they restrict you hours you can stay in front of your computer.

The most important think is to take care of your health. Don’t take 20hrs coding and sleeping 2 - 3 hrs a day for example.

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I’m also a 15 year old coder.
Just code until you get tired it’s that simple.
It’s important that you don’t overdo it since you might get demotivated.
And don’t let coding interfere with other more important tasks.
So good luck.


I’m a bit older. I’ve been 15 twice already around 5 years ago xD
Currently I’m not working and I play game all my free time - the entire hour, every day! Life’s great!
I also study around -1-0 hours a day. Like, I start at 7am and finish at around 7. But not am. I can’t recommend this approach enough! Like, DON’T DO IT!!!

Sarcasm aside, it really depends on what and how, not so much how much.
What is your goal?
How do you spend your study time, what do you study and how does it help you reach your goal?
You may be able to reach your goal by studying 2-3 hours a day in a few days/weeks/months, or you may not reach it even after years of studying for 12+ hours a day. It depends.

So the first question you should answer is: what is your goal? What is your finish line? What is your end game?
How do you plan to reach your goal? How does whatever you do help you in reaching your goal?
Andy favorite: what did you do today to reach your goal?
If you can’t clearly answer those few simple questions, you may need to review your goals. And plans. And I also recommend studying how to study, how to plan and how to execute your plans effectively.

And how to spend your early years in a way you won’t regret 20-30 years later. Hint: go out and have a life, it’s fun!

Hopefully someone finds this post entertaining and/or enlightening and/or interesting. If you see any grammar or other mistakes, please correct me, English is not my first language.


Hi, I read lots of nice suggestions and consider your cervical and your eyes for a intensive work on monitors. But why are you concerned first of all?
Alternate coding/studying with some gym by the way.
Golden rule: things need some time to solidify into skills. So take your time, make exercise (see eg. w3resource, codewars) as hurry leads nowhere.
Suggestion. Try doing things 5 minutes alternatively (eg 5 min Javascript and 5 minutes [you say here], it helps mind refresh. Best luck


Heyo, also 15, I spent an hour a day lol, granted I have school and other hobbies

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