How much Money can i earn from coding

Hello guys
i want to ask u how much can i earn from coding can i make it for my living
and how much time it will take to learn coding

Hi there @TalhaRiaz and welcome abroad! Your learning journey never ends, that for sure… so you cannot say “to learn coding” because you constantly learning. Google will be your best friend… when you will have enough experience snd knowledge, I believe it can be earned for living

@Eldorado82 thanks for your time
actually i want to ask u in how much time i can go from beginner to intermediate level
so that i can make something

Well as a beginner by myself i can tell that this is varies from person to person… in learning you will get basic skills, and then… it’s up to you… learning, building, building and learning. In case you dont have any previous experience, in my opinion, you should learn the basics… HTML, then CSS, then JAVAscript. Those are three elephants that the world wide web stands on them (of course you have others too, but these 3 are the basic).

Dont be shy to ask questions, thats the purpose of this forum! Happy coding!

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