Making Money on Projects

At what point in this course could you actually start making money as a Web Developer or Designer?

Just wondering because it seems like you could spend years trying to learn coding and web design before you could actually start taking on projects.

But I’m kinda new to all of this so I really have no idea as to how far along I need to be to start using the skills I’m learning.

Thanks in advance for any and all that respond.

Elmo - Future Coder


I’m new at this also and I think it’ll be awhile before I start making money off this. If you were to dedicate 10 hours every single day to completing the program, based on 2000 hours, it would take more than six months to complete the course. How quickly you are able to make money will likely depend on how quickly you are able to learn the material and what you decide to do with your skills.

There was another guy who posted on the forum and he said that he quit his job and focused on learning javascript and was able to get a developer job in 3 months. He said he supplemented his education with other tutorials/resources and that he was nowhere near being finished with the freeCodeCamp course.

It could take months or it could take years, it all depends on you. I’ve been at this a week , I’ve done 2 projects and they were quite a challenge. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the support of the awesome community here at freeCodeCamp. I hope to be finished with the course in less than six months. I’m new at this too so please take my 2 cents with a grain of salt.

Good luck with your endeavors and warm regards,

Michael - Future Coder

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Thanks so much for writing such a detailed explanation. I think it will take awhile to learn this. I’m enjoying it, but I would like to eventually have an income from it or at least make some money on the side. Just sayin’ !

God Bless, my friend!

Elmo - Future Coder

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First, i welcome you here. Its right community for you. You can make good money on projects. But you need to work hard and be focused . There are a lot of people making money on this field !!

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