How long does it take to master web design?

Hello everyone,
I already started to taking course on freecodecamp and finished “responsive web design” course, now trying to complete project that end of the course…

I started on 26th of May. I want to specialize in this area (Back-End , Front-End). How long do you think it will take?

For example, how long can I reach the level to build a quality forum website?

For now, I study approximately 3 hours/day.

My first projects portfolio (freecodecamp tribute projects) :

Hey @ayhanisidici,

Learning takes however long it takes that’s best for you. You don’t want to push yourself but you don’t understand it. You want to take your time to understand the codes. So how long it’s going to take? I don’t know, it all depends on you and how dedicated you are. It took me a whole year to being able to write HTML, CSS, and JS and understand it. Just remember, take your time.

You are never going to master it (unless you heavily limit the scope of what web design means). It’s a moving target and things change all the time. You will just get better and better to the point where you can learn, adapt, and use new things much quicker.

Besides it’s completely subjective, it’s like asking how long it takes to run 10 miles.

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In addition to what was said, if you mean “build high quality forum software from scratch”, then probably years. Even then that’s incredibly difficult for one person to do. I don’t want to be too much of a wet blanket, but you are likely seriously underestimating how complex a task that is (there is a reason there are only a very few widely used forum softwares). This is very common when you’re starting out, to go in with the expectation you’ll soon be able to quickly build {insert complex interactive software}. Although it’s very good to aim for the ability to do that (by all means try, start now, it will likely be a good learning experience!), unlikely to be able to complete to any high degree of polish without some significant depth of knowledge. And building something like that with polish is monumentally dull, it’s just an Everest sized slog