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Hello everyone,

I am a new person here. I learned about this website from the YouTube Channel Coffeezilla. I thought that this may be a good career path for me. I am very analytical, introverted, and having a computer coding job would be great for me. I currently work in a warehouse and while I don’t hate it, it’s nothing that gets me excited.

So, I am willing to commit to learning. If my understanding is right, many people take their time and wind up mastering the material in 2-3 years. I heard about one fellow who mastered all the material on this website in a much shorter time-frame. I am not sure how much time this person committed per day. Anyways, I am willing to commit for the long run.

My goal is ultimately to land a remote job, earning anywhere from 20-40 dollars an hour, full-time.


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Hi @Hackerwhack !

Welcome to the forum!

I don’t think you can really master web development in that time.
But if you have continually worked at it then you will feel comfortable with the basic foundation and ready for that first job. Or already working as a junior developer.

Remote work would be tough starting out since you don’t have any experience yet.
In beginning, you shouldn’t put restrictions on the job search because getting that first job is hard.

But once you have worked a few years, then you will have more options.

Good luck!


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