How open source contribution is evaluated

Hello every one .
I am studying about one open source project and i am serious about doing work for it.I want to contribute in it and i want that contribution on my portfolio.One software developer tell me that it is hard to do significant contribution and to one get noticed .I want to know how open source contributions are evaluated .I want to know the employer general mind set .How they evaluate contributions as i have seen most employers asking about open source contribution .It is so that only significant role materrs in them ?I am self taught coder and i am working on my front end and backend skills , i want to know what else i can do to standout and land a good tech job .

Don’t worry about it. When you apply for a job you can choose to give the employer your GitHub information which will allow them to see your history. Just find an open source project that is something you use yourself (ahem - Free Code Camp) and make what contributions you can. As your ability and your familiarity with the project improve, you’ll tackle increasingly complex issues. Do the work for its own sake.

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