How should i do?

hello everyone my name is Taha Ahmed I want some suggestion regarding how to be a programmer I learned javascript 2 months ago and I am practicing programming with javascript since then one of my mentors who is a really good programmer and had a job in one of the best software company in the country told me that if you look at the solution and then tried to solve the problem it’s not worth it and that’s I do things much time I look at the solution and then try to understand what’s happening in the program and then I tried to solve that program on my own way so please guide me should I follow the same path I am following now or should I changed it

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Well I think you should first try to solve it yourself and then see the solution.

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I think looking at the solutions and understanding them is quite a good thing to do as a beginner, because you kinda see how things are getting done, but i would suggest another method, and it is to start with simple problems, and try to solve them yourself first, then check the solution, next move to intermediate problems and so on…

Good luck mate!

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thanks, mate for your reply I really appreciate it

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thanks, bro for your suggestion I will try that method to

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Looking at solutions and making sure that you understand them will teach you how to read code that others have written. This is an important skill, but reading code does not teach you how to solve problems programatically, which is the core skill you need.


Hi @ataha6381!

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I agree with @ArielLeslie’s point that you need to develop the skill to solve problems on your own and away from always reaching for the answers.

I am beginner too and I struggled with trying to solve coding challenges in the beginning. But I just did a little bit each day and started to become better at solving problems. I even got better at writing pseudocode.

The goal is not to do 10 coding challenges a day but rather just do one at a time. And if you get stuck then debug your code, do some research, and ask questions .

Hope that helps!


thanks for your answer I really appreciate it I have concluded the method I was following wasn’t right I should change the way I am doing things and also it is a great forum to meet so many beginners on this journey like me and I would say you can learn many things from the people who come across the same problem as you do in this journey and you can solve it together

right when I understand the problem while analyzing the solution of the problem once if the same problem comes across to me I am able to solve that problem but if a little different one come to me I usually go blank on that one that’s the problem I face many times

Hello there Mr. Ahmed.

Please keep these things in mind as you continue learning.

  • You’ll never stop learning. I started using Javascript two decades ago and I still learn new things about it all the time. I mostly do this by looking at the code in the open-source libraries I use. It’s not like I understand every line so I could write it myself. It’s more like “aha, that’s the way they handled that problem. Cool.” With respect, saying “I learned Javascript two months ago” downplays your continuing learning.

  • What makes software companies (where your mentor works) great? Teamwork. Fresh-out-of-school engineers at those companies work on adding small features to large systems. Other members of the team specify those problems to solve. Just like junior carpenters help build walls. They don’t build stairways by themselves. Be aware that many programming problems your mentor solves are very well-defined.

  • To keep learning, come up with a problem to solve, and solve it. The problem need not be world-shaking. A small browser-based computer game might be such a problem. One I’ve been thinking about is a little JS-based web page that announces how long it is until sunset at the user’s location.

Keep learning!

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sorry for the late response sir Ollie I really love your advice and thanks for the idea you just have given me that come up with your own program I really appreciate it