HELP ! I cant think and solve javascript codes myself without peeping at others code

Hello fellow campers, i have been learning javascript for 4 months now, When i started, it was tough, I nearly succumbed to frustration from wrong codes and errors but i conquered with determination, Then, codes fear me. i got scared each time i get to my code editor and all that. But at this stage, the former is gone, we are now friends, am not scared of it anymore. Now i can read codes written by other programmers, But my problem is that whenever i see a javascript problem, i can think of a way (30/100) to solve it, but won’t know where to start implementing, but whenever some one starts solving it, i will be following and understanding the procedures used. It frustrates me a lot. I feel like an idiot with a low thinking capability. Though, i knows the basic of Javascript now and can teach a newbie the fundamentals, but can’t solve a problem on my own.

Please, is it a normal thing or is there a method i can implement to improve on this.
Also know that i ve been building projects with wes bos and other cool guys in youTube.
please any advice will be highly appreciated and respected. thanks in advance.

Happy coding!!!

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Being able to understand code is a different skill than being able to come up with programmatic solutions to problems. They are both important skills, but the latter takes much more work to build. What you are experiencing is extremely common. People look at explanations of code or solutions and feel like they’re learning - and they are, but they’re not learning how to arrive at a solution . Very often we help campers who become frustrated because they think that the best way for them to learn is to “reverse engineer” the solution, but when they come to challenges where no solution is provided or where they are really pushed to apply their problem-solving skills they are overwhelmed.

Struggling is part of the learning process. That’s where the growth is happening.

(Struggling is also part of the programming process. Because we are solving new problems on a regular basis, we are always facing the challenge of not knowing the solution.)

I can read a novel, understand it, critique it. I can see how the author is using narrative tools to pull their readers into the story. I cannot write a novel.
I can follow everything my partner says when they are talking about the research they are doing for their PhD dissertation in Mathematics. Everything makes sense when they’re talking about it. I couldn’t do it to save my life.

Being able to read code is very important. You will often find yourself reading uncommented code written by people with a different style and mindset than your own. It doesn’t grant you code building skills though.


Hi There!

Learning JavaScript can be a challenging process. With so many opinions out on the internet, its hard to find facts. My advice would be to look at the code and understand what it does. Generally, when bugs show up when developers overlook how a piece of code will act in a specific scenario. So simply looking at a piece of code and every time you come across a section (operator, method call, etc) that you do not understand well, take a minute, stop and researching it, could be all you need to do to polish those troubleshooting skills.

I would recommend sites like with a word of caution: Always read the comments and also read other similar questions that address the same problem. Sometimes information becomes obsolete or irrelevant when the language or tools build around the language changes.

Just my two cents, but hopefully its enough to keep you going. You just gotta practice at it and keep at it. The more you do it the easier it’ll get.


thanks for the kind feedback, am practicing harder

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