I can't write javascript code on my own, pls help

it’s incredibly frustrating that i can’t write javascript code on my own, i need to follow a tutorial online or i’ll stuck on one challenge forever. i did understand the logic after i look at the finished code on the internet or after i follow a tutorial on youtube but i just can’t do it by myself

what did i do wrong , can i write my own javascript at some point ?

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@MJKno1 where are you stuck? Can you share with us?

That is normal for everyone starting out. There is a lot to learn in JavaScript, even just to get to know the basics. Just do what we do, keep at it and don’t give in to temporary frustration. Find beginner level instructional videos on YouTube, pick up a few free ebooks, Google, and ask lots of questions right here in this forum, people like to help! JavaScript resource materials abound. Look over this forum’s Help / Questions section, its full of answers and suggestions for people just starting out.


i’m finishing my weather app now, but without watching a tutorial on youtube that wouldn’t be possible because i just can’t figure the code by myself. i did this for almost half of the javascript challenge, without peeking the solution that posted in the internet i would stuck on that challenge forever, i did understand the logic AFTER i peek but like i said i can’t figure the code by myself.

What I would suggest is that you go over again some of the basics on Javascript. What I personally do, is that anytime I learn something new from tutorials, or google, or anything. I try to understand the code. I change variables, functions, I play around, get some errors, and I do anything it comes to my mind.
This way you can really understand the concepts behind it.

It’s hard to comprehend all this information at once. It needs patience, a lot of…


thank you, i’ll just go over the basic javascript again until i get all the basic concept

Go to codewars and solve lots of easy challenges. For first 10 you will need to consult google, mdn, stackoverflow and other places, but later you’ll be able to write JS code while asleep :stuck_out_tongue:


i would try making something simple on your own. something that uses commands you are familiar with, but requires you to use some creativity, to figure it out. because that is what tutorials can’t really give you, the ‘figure it out on your own’ part.

like you could start really simple, like making a function that adds numbers together, or converts meters to feet. cus you know every big thing is made up of little things, so figuring things out for yourself is just a matter of breaking things down into small steps that you can figure out.


Check out Kyle Simpson’s You don’t know JS series.

You can read them all online at You Don’t Know JS

You can also download them from the publisher, O’Reily, for free in Epub or PDF (other formats available as well). The only requirement is that you have to create and account and add the free tittle to a cart and complete the check out.

You Don’t Know JavaScript


Fake it till you make it! Keep watching and writing and reading and writing and coffee. You will catch on eventually.


For me the issue always comes back to forgetting what some of the keywords are. I understand the concepts but the keywords they use to describe the concepts allude me in the moment I am coding. What has helped is to write down keywords on flash cards and then use value pairs or what ever functionality is allowed on the other side. For bigger tasks like creating an app, I find that if i break down my project on something like a trello board. this is what parts of the app i need, i can code functions and then integrate functions and promises or outcomes from that. so break down projects into its smallest components code those components then attempt to integrate the next larger set. then when that works add more. once i have all components that makes my app work I look for global and local variables and try to “clean” up my code by having as little reference to each function as possible that still has the same effect.


I’ve struggled with the challenges, too. I’ve had to Google help for most of them.

What has helped me is by doing the challenges over and over. I’ll try it on my own first, then Google for not-FCC related help. I’ll try a few things. Perhaps Google a few more times. But once I get an answer, I’ll clear the code and do it again. And again. I’ll try to solve it a different way. I’ve probably done all of the early challenges 10+ times, but it’s starting to sink in and I’m starting to build the knowledge that helps me progress (some) in future challenges.

JS has a lot to it. It hasn’t been as easy to understand as HTML or CSS, but it is needed for most webdesign so I just practice and practice at it.

Is there a certain challenge you’ve found difficult? Maybe we can help talk you through it.


@MJKno1 Hi. Just know that it takes a very good amount of time to just randomly write tons of JS for every project, so don’t worry. Just keep practicing along, look up any and everything you need to (google, youtube, stackoverflow, these forums, gitter) and don’t be ashamed to do so. Everyone has gone through that phase, and I’m still in the middle of it. Just keep practicing over and over until something clicks. You’ll slowly start seeing the same method (.split or .map, for example) a lot, and eventually you’ll start adding them to your “i can do this on my own” set of skills.

3 things:

  • Don’t compare yourself to others. Practice at YOUR own pace and ask for help when you need it. It’s not a race. Just work on something until it clicks (maybe do it a few times) and then move on.

  • When you start a project, try NOT typing code right away. Step back and break up your tasks into little, bite-sized pieces that you can pick at one-by-one. Write down in plain, spoken language some list items that you need to do to complete this task. Then, start attacking them. If you are struggling with one and you can complete the next one without it, do that part of the code until you complete everything and can put it together.

  • Check out funfunfunction and thenewboston on youtube. There are a bajillion more channels, but those are the first two that popped into my head.

Keep with it. It’s really easy to get frustrated and down on yourself when programming. Just push through and you’ll eventually get to where you wanna be.



So much this. If I see a new code example or finish a tutorial or something. I decide to try to change things around and make it do something else (change the layout, add a feature, whatever). Usually I break the program, have to figure out what the errors are and why apparently that particular property doesn’t work like I thought it did, and then a few hours later I finally have everything figured out and the program is back to doing whatever I wanted it to do. .

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yeah this is exactly what i did, i don’t just copy pasted the code but i changed the variable names and also added new features that didn’t exist in the tutorial that i followed.

and thank you all for the input, really appreciated it

Its 5 am and I should be asleep but I saw this post and had to reply. I was just like you. I needed the solution to understand it but months could go by and I needes the answers again. One step is writing the steps out before you even try solving the problem. Two use watchandcode.com
I swear to you you’ll suddenly understand javascript and you won’t regret it. I’ve tried everything but this actually works. Practical Javascript is free but theres another option once you’ve completed and decide you want to be a serious developer. I hope you look into this!


@MJKno1 thanks for sharing your frustration.

I’m feeling the exact same way. All the suggestions in this forum have been great. I’m going to follow all the advice here until something clicks.

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I write code professionally now and I’m on Stack Overflow 100+ times a day trying to figure things out. There’s simply too much to know. If you keep doing it, some of the knowledge will begin to sink in by osmosis. Maybe relax and just accept that you don’t understand, and keep trying with an open mind. It’s worked for me.

Im having the same issue. It’s got to be the “process” because I cant even figure out what to start writing in order to solve the damn problem! Super frustrating!

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