Stuck in Writing Javascript code

This might be Stupid or Normal for beginners Programmers, I’m facing problems in writing javascript code on my own. I am new to Programming language and I’m learning javascript from scratch. I have completed Html,CSS and Bootstrap. I want to be a front-end developer but now I’m Stuck.
I have completed Some Video tutorials like javascript weird parts and beginners course from lynda and Now I know Objects, Array, Functions, Closures, this, Constructor all these Topics but I don’t know How to write Program on my own use all these in one program
I get stuck if i see multiple functions even i know how they work.
I can write if i have to write topic wise example but, idk I’m stuck
How can i learn to write Javascript? using all these knowledge. Right now i just want to learn how to write program so i’m not focusing on making page interactive.

It sounds like the curriculum you have followed up til now is not producing the results you expect. I suggest signing up for an account on and work through the JavaScript sections there using the Map found on the site. The challenges and projects on Free Code Camp will force you to figure how to put it all together on your own.

We have a great support system on the forum in case you get stuck on any of the challenges seen there. Give it a try and see what you think.


It’s pretty common your case, no worries.

I suggest you to find some short tutorials (Google, YouTube, etc) to make something practical: manipulating some elements of the dome, changing CSS properties, etc. Anything you can think of. This way you will slowly improve your practical knowledge on the matter.

Don’t desperate and keep it up!

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Thank You for your suggestion :slight_smile:

Im also learning vanilla Javascript from scratch, and its not simple but not impossible so i suggest you should start doing the fundamentals reading a book on javascript, later on having youtube videos and searching on Google, after that go and start practice on your own, once you get something like a small project for you and you get stuck, came here at the freecodecamp and get your small things resolved by professionals who can help you, and then start doing the free course helps a lot. =). Let us know how you doing…

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Thank You so much :slight_smile: I’ll do it :smile:

You just explained my feelings… I just can’t wrap my head around it. I am working slowly through the FCC map myself. It makes you think, but I get stuck, a lot! :joy:.

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again i’m starting learning more for w3schools,, and tutorial from by simon - foundation of programming - try these