Trouble writing code

hey guys Ive been learning javascript for about 3 months now but Im still having some trouble truly understanding how to apply what Im learning. For the most part I can read code and I understand already programmed code but Im still having a real difficult time coding without looking up hints and how to’s. Can someone provide tips on how to better apply what Im learning so that I dont have to go and look at hints/ completed code all the time? I would appreciate some feedback thanks.


Keep trying, try to solve the algorithms
First find a logic way of solving it, create a map of the steps with pen and paper, explain how the algorithm works to your duck, and only after that find the JavaScript methods that can do those things.
Also, you don’t have to remember the methods, return back to previous lessons, check what things do on the MDN or other resources on the Internet, like regex tester (to test your regex), JavaScript tutor (to see what your code does step by step)

Most importantly, keep trying. If you need to see the solution, return to it a few days later and do it again, without looking at the solution, and then find an other way to solve it.
If you need practice with algorithms there is all the project Euler and many other things in the Preparing for Interviews section of the curriculum…
For something different, do algorithms on CodeWars, starting with the easier ones and then going step by step to the more difficult ones

Just keep practicing
Failing is normal, failing is expected. Try again.


You can follow as much courses as you want to, but that is not going to 100% learn you how to code javascript.
With almost every code language you just need to keep on practicing and trying new things.

Just keep writing code and if you have to Google a lot, it doesn’t matter.
Keep on trying and you will keep learning.

Good luck!


thank you for the advice I’ll keep at it!

appreciate the advice!