How should I format my resume?

As of right now, my resume consists of my skills, education, and notable projects that I have done, most of them being the FCC full stack projects, and the other is a freelance project. Today I received a call from someone asking me if I would be able to build a mobile app for his new startup business. I said yes of course, but now I’m wondering if when I finish this new project, I can add this and the previous freelance project to my work experience, which is currently empty.

I think you can put it as a freelancer web developer and in the job description, you say what the project entitled, what you did and what you use. Maybe even how it helped the business. Since you are pretty much working on your skills as a web developer and building projects, the fact that you don’t get paid for it in most cases doesn’t mean you can’t put is as experience in programming. And you’re working with real clients so even better. At least that’s how I see it.

Thanks for the quick reply! And yeah that’s what I was thinking. I feel it would be better to format it that way to show that I have experience.

I build my Portfolio like this -


Here’s the resume that I use to get a job. (*It’s in chinese, but i think u can still get gist of it)

I use this tool.

Thanks for the link!! I’ll check it out.