As a self-taught programmer with no work experience, how should I build my resume?

As the title says, what should a self-taught programmer who has nothing but personal projects experience put in a resume?
Should I include a small paragraph about myself and describe challenges that I had to overcome, etc? Thoughts?


If your trying to break into your first job in the industry (which is the whole point of this community), having the right keywords to pass the auto-filter is great but your focus should be on what an employer is going to look at to decide if your worth their time: Your github portfolio should be as good as you can get it, have repos for your projects, think about getting involved in OS, contribute anything you can, even if it’s simple, do your first pull request etc. The other is your portfolio, this is your chance to ‘demo’ your projects with good links, show off your html/css/js and whatever libraries you’ve learned. Does that page pass a W3C css or html validation test? What about google pagespeed insights, what kind of mobile and desktop score does your portfolio get? These, in MY OPINION, are more integral to getting your first job than a resume. Anything you can SHOW will go further than what you can put on a resume, without experience. Good luck.