Writing a CV/Resume

Can anyone advise on how best to put together a CV for a self-taught programmer looking for their first job? My current career is in sales and I know how to write a good general CV, but this is a bit different…

Looking at a few other CVs I was able to find via googling, I can see that a ‘Technology Summary’ section is often used for detailing the technologies an applicant is familiar with. Should I just list them logically and leave it at that, or is it recommended to give details on level of proficiency with each one?

Should I include links to individual projects, or just a link to my GitHub profile, Codepen, portfolio site or whatever?

Does anyone have a link to some good example CVs to help get me started? Most of what I can find through google is for more traditional applicants such as CS grads or experienced programmers.

Whatever may be the job profile and career choice it may be, a well written resume will have you stand out from numerous applicants. Thus it is important to write a resume according to your job profile like programmer, professor, doctor,etc. and the format and layout the profile must be following. You should do some portfolio work, add experience (personal projects too), and focus on some of the important source and points like professional goals, strengths, social, special projects, use color blocks to make your resume more attractive, etc. After creating the resume, all you need to make sure that you research every potential employer to send your resume.

Its not easy to attract possible employer with your CV. It must be
Clear (well organized, readable, easily understandable)
Concise (no double entries, brief)
Complete (all relevant information should be included)
Consistent (no mix of styles, same order in presenting)
Current (include dates with all information; revise CV at least once a year)
You can find some advice here http://how2db.com/how-to-write-an-attractive-cv/

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