How to add a type attribute to a submit button

How to Add the type attribute with the value submit to the button to make it clear that it is a submit button.on the following<button>Submit</button>

<button>Submit</button> <input type="text"/>
This is what i have tried pls help or hint

I have moved your posts to a new topic as the other topic was already solved.

to add a value -attribute- to the button -element-, you should add the word value to the opening tag of the button element.
(then follow that with an equal sign and the value of Submit in double quotes as usual)

Plea se how can i Create another radio button below the first one. Nest it inside a label element with Outdoor as the label text. Give the radio button an id attribute with outdoor as the value.

<label><input id="indoor" type="radio"> Indoor</label>

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