"You shall not PASS!... Step 42."

I’ve been stuck on Step 42 for the entire duration of the day. It says to add a type attribute with the value of the Submit button to make it clearer. So here’s what I got so far:

<button><input type="Submit"></button>

I’ve been searching through Youtube and Google tutorials that somewhat match this problem, but with no luck. I’m hoping someone could hop on and explain what I got wrong. Thanks!!!

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“Go ahead and do this to specify where this button should submit the form.”

That means you need to add type to button, not like you need any input elements in this line.

Cool name of the topic by the way

When you say “add type to button” That’s the part that’s throwing me off. Because I’ve already done this: <type=button> and

I will clarify:
You have element:


You need to give that element an attribute type

Also about this:

Consider have this link in your bookmarks. That was helpful to me when I did this course.

Okay, found it! The link you sent was kinda confusing, but the way you described on how to fix it led me to another link that had the answer. HTML | type Attribute - GeeksforGeeks

My intention in terms of link was to help you in temrs of general learning process, not this particular case.
I apologize fo r confusion

add a type=“Submit button”

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