Hello guys, im doing the HTML course, im stock in topic 42 “You learned previously that the button submits the form by default, but you can explicitly add the type attribute with the value submit to make it clearer. Go ahead and do this to specify where this button should submit the form.”

I dont know how to do it

Attributes are added to elements with values assigned to the attributes. In practice, this would look like this:

<p class="example">This is a <p> element with the attribute of class and the value of example.</p>

Try this with the required type attribute with the value of submit.

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I have to put type attribute with value submit to a button


Yes, the button is the element, type is the attribute, then lastly submit is the value. If you follow my above example you should be able to solve it.

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      <button type="submit">Submit</button>

whats the difference between this code ?
Submit and this code

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