How to approach this project? Need some guidance

I want to build a website that will serve as my personal library of DSA problems and solutions + different useful methods and tricks that come in handy when solving DSA challenges. They will be searchable by names and tags. The interface will look somewhat like CodePen, with folders in the sidebar. The folder structure would be as follows: Language ā†’ DSA category (e.g Arrays, Strings) ā†’ Files containing the code.
I will be the only user, with the ability to log in and make changes to the files, others can just view them. Iā€™m aware that there might be websites that implement the same idea, but I want this to be a personalized portfolio project.
Iā€™m not sure how to approach this. Do I need a database? If so, which one? What are the exact tools and skills that I would need to build something like this? Is Node.js necessary? Iā€™m already decent with CSS, JS and React. I would really appreciate it if someone could provide some sort of a plan for me to tackle this project.

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Thank you. I will start the Backend curriculum today.

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