How to ask for a Referral

I’m looking forward to applying for some internships. I’ve heard that applying with a Referral can be super useful. So how do I ask other people or the employees working in the company to provide a Referral?

Ideally, you would want to ask someone you already know that works in the company who knows your worth ethic and current set of skills. If you dont know anyone who works at the company you are looking at a internship for there could be a good chance they may not. There is not many who are going to refer someone who they dont know, and dont know your skillset. When someone is referring you, you are almost representing that person when the company is looking over you. So, when you are asking its best to provide an updated resume and any projects you have done to help the person see you are a good fit.

Here is an article that explain things well, and provides a few examples of how you could ask

Here is another article that gives some good tips

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