I applied more than 700 times to get my first job

This is a follow-up to my article on building a resume without experience. I got some DMs and just sharing some follow-up thoughts.

This might be controversial but imo you should ask for referrals & apply to jobs before you feel like your resume is ‘ready’. The reason being recruiters spend ~less than 20 seconds per resume. If you only have projects without relevant experiences, some will automatically reject you. So if you aim to have 2-4 good projects the rest is up to your networking skills.

Blindly applying without experience is hard (I learned the lesson the hard way :sob:). However, you can often find apprenticeships/internships opportunities if you can afford to take a pay cut. If you want to directly go to full-time (from self-taught or BootCamp), you might need to ask for a warm intro from recruiters over LinkedIn or career fairs. By doing that, you might directly get an interview and bypass the online application hell.

Lastly, recruiters actually are your friend. Depending on their role, they have to fulfill a certain quota (i.e 20 candidates per quarter) or they get paid when you get hired. They have an incentive for you to succeed so don’t be shy in asking :slight_smile:


I like your article that you wrote and linked to. I’m not “there” yet, but I’ve bookmarked it for when I am. So, thank you. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your kind words! Are you just getting started with coding?

You’re very welcome! I just finished the last html/css project, the portfolio page.


Awesome progress! Keep grinding, you got this :muscle:

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This is a welcome and very useful insight.

For the foreseeable future I will likely never so much as see the inside of a computer company’s office; however perspective like this gives me a taste of what I’m missing.

Thank you for sharing this. On a side-note, if the title implies what I think it does: Congratulations on your job! I wish you well.

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