How to compelete this challenge - Adjust the Hue of a Color

Hello Guys where am I wrong?
Describe your issue in detail here.

below is my code

body {
  background-color: #FFFFFF;

.green {
  background-color: hsl(120, 100%, 50%);

.cyan {
  background-color: hsl(180, 100%, 50%);

.blue {
  background-color: hsl(240, 100%, 50%);

div {
  display: inline-block;
  height: 100px;
  width: 100px;

<div class="green"></div>
<div class="cyan"></div>
<div class="blue"></div>

Go ahead and put a link to the challenge here.

Hi there, I checked your solution and it’s actually correct! You’re not doing anything wrong

so, how do you solve such problems?

There wasn’t anything to be solved; your solution was correct!

I copied and pasted your solution and it was correct

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@seda is correct:

The answers are Correct. The test passes on my browser.

If you are using DARK MODE or NIGHT MODE extension , it might need to be disabled for the curriculum.

If it isn’t dark mode causing the issues, try deactivating any browser extension that has access to freecodecamp., add blockers etc, And try updating your browser to latest version or use a different, fully updated browser…

If none of these things work, try using a different Device to complete the lesson.

If none of that works, try rebooting, or / and resetting the browser cache…

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It seems a server problem!!!

Happens to the best of us :slight_smile:

let me do that and i will get back to you in a few

Seda, If you would like, in the future, if you encounter a correct test, You can go ahead and advise people about the Issues with dark mode, and make the same suggestions that are made below.

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If you are using any extensions that change the appearance of pages (such as a dark mode extension), it changes the CSS and will cause tests to fail. If you use extensions that change behavior (like an ad blocker or script blocker) it can prevent tests from running.

freeCodeCamp has two built in themes that you can choose between and you are safe to turn off privacy extensions for the website because they do not use ads or track your data.


Thank you,
you are super.

i was using a darkmode extension

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Thank you everyone…

i have never used this forum but i have seen good it is.
I will be coming for solutions from you.
especially on getting a job

Yeah, If it happens again, just go down that list of possible things. 99 percent of the time, something works…

There are always people here, night and day, who will try to help you solve your problem.

This is a good community to get support from on that topic.

The Mods have very good advice about career oriented topics, but I would check out Jessica and her Career advice first:

This is a good community to get support from on that topic.

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