How to connect your github account while you using gmail account?

hi all, i want to ask how to connect your github account while you using first gmail account?

thx all :smiley:

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What do you need the connection for, authentication, as an email address for GitHub notifications or anything else?


hi daniel, i just connect my freecodecamp website with email account and i want to link my github account too. so i can have 2 link account attach(1 from email and another one from github). can i do that ? if can, How?

thx :+1:.

Goto, youtube and search “how to connect gihtub to gmail account” or google same terms

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if the primary email address on your github account is the same you use already to log in on freecodecamp then you can use the github account too. freeCodeCamp uses the email address as a unique identifier to know on what account to log you in, so you can log in with google account, email address and github if the email address is the same

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