How to update GitHub email

I recently updated my primary email address for GitHub. I have tried some of the steps mentioned in other postings (people need to name topic better for searching) but they did not work.

Hello there,

On which platform are you wanting to update your email address?


You should be able to just go to your settings:
And change it here:

Hope this helps

Sorry, now I understand what you meant by “platform”. As stated in the title, I have updated my GitHub email and when I login to freecodecamp my previous info (certifications, etc.) are gone. If I change my primary GitHub login using GitHub account back to the original email address then I can view my info (certificates, etc.).

You need to make your freeCodeCamp and GitHub emails match to be able to log into freeCodeCamp with GitHub. Change your fCC email first, then the GitHub one.

Yes I tried that first thing and it throws an error saying “Opps! Try again later

On which step? Details are needed.

If you don’t successfully change your email for fCC, then you can’t login with a GitHub account that has a different email. fCC has no way of knowing what account is yours without matching email addresses.

We can’t say much without details.

Yes and I already shared. The only message I get is a popup near the top that says “Oops! something went wrong” when I try to update my email after logging into fcc using GitHub account then go to menu > settings > email settings. That’s all, no more details to share. My guess is that if u try to reproduce u will get the same error/problem.

The additional details are helpful, thank you.

Did you try logging in only with your email and not via GitHub before trying to change your email?

That was what I tried first. I also tried to reset password but it wouldn’t let me (guess it was because I am using GitHub account)

There is no password to reset on the Curriculum account. It is a passwordless login. You are talking about the Curriculum account, right?

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