Can't change my email

Hi, I’m so confused right now. I started working on FCC using my Github account to sign in. I just recently decided to change my email, so I went into the settings in FCC and tried to change it there. When I got the email to verify the address and clicked the link, it just opened FCC without telling me the verification worked. When I signed in, it gave me a new account. So I went back and signed in to FCC with Github and my progress was still there, whew. But it was still the old address. So I went to Github and changed my email there and then used the new email to sign in with Github. New account again. :weary: I can’t seem to get FCC to let me to change my email.

Have you tried logging in to your old account with your old email address?

Yes, it made me verify my old email address, which I was able to do when I tried it on a desktop vs my phone. So I’ve still got access to my original account, just haven’t been able to switch the email address.

Here’s what I would suggest trying:

  • delete your new account (be careful and make sure you’re logged into the one with no progress)
  • log back into your old account with your old email address
  • unlink your GitHub and any other social media accounts that you have conneccted
  • try changing your email address in the old accout
  • if that works (you are able to log into your account with your new email address), then be sure to only link accounts that use the same email address
    • if it doesn’t work, please create a detailed GitHub Issue to report the bug

Ok, that worked, thank you!