How to contribute to freecodecamp youtube channel

Hello, I want to contribute to freecodecamp youtube channel and submit my idea. I have sent an email to . They have said that ,they are no longer receiving emails there, and that I should post the email here. So could anybody tell me on which email address , i should write, in order to submit my idea or video

This email address should help:

but, from the same email, I got the message that they are no longer receiving messages there

That’s suprising. :thinking:

This is the auto generated message I get after 2 minutes:

Thank you for reaching out to the freeCodeCamp Medium editorial team.

Instead of publishing on Medium, we now run our own self-hosted open-source tool where we’re publishing articles to an even larger audience.

You can read more about our move on this forum thread, which includes instructions for how you can apply to become an author (or gain access to these tools if we’ve published your work in the past):

Please note that we are no longer checking this email address. If you have questions, please ask them on the forum thread.

Best regards,

  • The freeCodeCamp Editorial Team