I want to contribute a video to freeCodeCamp.org Yt channel, what is the procedure?

My name is Parth Vyas, I run a coding YT channel named " Destination FAANG ". On my channel I explain solutions + code for popular tech interview questions. So far I have 80 videos on YT, and here you can check out my stuff if you want.


I gained lots of insightful information from video on “how to start a coding Youtube channel”. Plus I am a big fan of “freeCodeCamp”. Hence, I have decided to make a tutorial video that can be published to “freeCodeCamp.org” YT channel.

I sent an email to Beau, but I was not sure on what is the full procedure to follow, so I posted this question as well.

I had to remove the social media link since we don’t permit self promotion.

I’m not sure what the process is, but I’m sure someone else will chime in soon.

Thanks Jeremy, Apologies I wasn’t trying to self promote. I am new to this forum and didn’t know the process.

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If you would like to be one of the developer authors for Free Code Camp News, you can find everything you need to know in the Publication Style Guide, or read here about how to contribute to freeCodeCamp’s YouTube channel. Alternatively, you can find everything else about contributing to Free Code Camp in the contributing docs.

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