How to crack an interview?

Hello FCC friends,
I’m Sharath and I did my front end in udemy web development boot camp. Now I’m preparing for the interview’s please suggest me to crack the interview, drop down the links of study materials like HTML CSS JS.
Thanks in Advance
Happy coding :slight_smile:

So~ what job position are you getting interviewed for? and in what kind of company? Many job position change the title according the level of expertise they need, also there are many oriented to a certain technology, for example, some will ask for experience in React, others in Angular, in some cases they just want slicing (plain HTML/CSS , uncommon nowadays).

In my experience your interview can go 2 ways:

  1. The interviewer just wants to know how much training will you need and is more worried about how open you are to learning. Questions are not about “right” or “wrong” and more about “good enough”, and the final decision is about how well you seem to fit in the culture.
  2. They need someone with a minimum skill level, so there are code exercises (search for interview in here and you’ll get lots of threads with possible interview questions)

In both cases things that will come up are:

  • Technologies you have worked on
  • Your portfolio and the kind of projects you have done, you can’t show up empty handed on this one. I am guessing that the apps of your boot-camp will work, but hopefully you will have some experiments of your own.
  • The other thing is a repository if the position is more technical, which could be those same projects.

Technically speaking for a Front End development position you need to understand and use JS, that means…

  • map()
  • filter()
  • reduce()
    Most of the test exercises require a combination of these, you can practice in

Other than that it just ends up being about how much competition you have in your location. Standards change a lot depending on the region you are at, and also whats considered a popular technology.

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Thanks you so much, and basically am looking for front end developer. Thank you for you suggestions, hope it may help me a lot.