How to create a full stack app with React & Express

Hi everyone :sunny:

Few months ago, I’ve wrote my first full stack app and I struggled a bit about few things :

  • how to connect my front end to my back end ?
  • how to have an authentication system ?
  • how to validate data ?
  • how to handle errors with React & Redux ? How to display messages for the user ?

I think every beginner ask them questions about this when they write their first full stack app and it may be discouraging at first :frowning:

Therefore, I’ve created a github repo that help people to get started on a full stack app.

It provides these features :

  • Authentication system (with passport-jwt)
  • Flash messages
  • Navbar working with React Router
  • React & Redux setup
  • Express setup
  • Connection to a database
  • Basic forms + errors handling

And I may have forgotten some features.

I’m not pretending this is the perfect boilerplate code to get started on a full stack app with React. On the contrary, I’ve probably made a few mistakes.

You can find the repo here. The file is still incomplete as of today’s date !

Anyway, I just wanted to share this with you :smile: ! What do you guys think of it ?

Also, feel free to contribute it to make it better :slight_smile: