React + Redux and authentication

Hi all,
I’ve spent weeks getting my head around React and Redux, in order to build ‘better’ full stack apps for FCC. (I’ve built some beta-quality projects using jQuery and EJS, but not React.)

The thing I’m really stuck on is authentication, and getting user data to the client, with React/Redux. I see tutorials online, of course, but many of them seem to be outdated, broken, or (effectively) ads for frameworks that do the heavy lifting without explaining.

I can get a single-page app up and running, I can create actions and reducers and wrap it all in redux and react-router… but that critical piece, authentication, still eludes me. (It was so simple with a basic server and passport plugins!)

Any advice? Recommended tutorials? Thanks!

Hi Rich,
Check out these youtube series for authentication. I followed them when building my react / redux app and would recommend 100% :slight_smile:

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Here is an excellent curated list of react and react related resources and tools. Includes authentication but also just about anything you can imagine if you’re new to the react ecosystem :grinning:

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I am about to start working on the Voter app project and I found Stephen Grider’s Advance React/Redux tutorial in Udemy very helpful. He goes into detail about putting all together with React Routes and Authentication using Passport.js and JWT.

Before buying the full price, make sure to google his name and type coupon to bring the price down to $10

Happy Coding!


I wonder how it went. it looks like it is a react native course but they should be similar enough

I highly recommend the course from Andrew Mead in Udemy. ( Regarding your point, Andrew introduces authentication through firebase authentication which is super easy and useful. Basically, we can login through any social network platform (facebook, google, etc.)

Here is the sample work from me.
I just finished the course and the project will look like this. I am currently working on improvements so I cannot ensure the data will persist but you can at least see how authentication will work.