How to Create A Local Study Group

If you didn’t see your city or neighborhood on our list of study groups, and you are willing to lead a study group for your city, this guide will help you create one.

Most groups are organised using a Facebook group. We are building our own open source platform to replace Facebook for organizing study groups and events. If you are unable to use Facebook you can choose an alternative service, eg WeChat, Meetup, own website and we can use that link instead.

Instructions for creating a Facebook Group.

  1. Click the Group button, and select Create New Group:

2 . Set the group name as “freeCodeCamp” + the name of your city.

  • Avoid using slang terms such as “Philly” for “Philadelphia”.
  • If your city is not the biggest city that uses its name, also include the state or province. For example, the freeCodeCamp group in Paris, France should be called “freeCodeCamp Paris”. The freeCodeCamp group in Paris, Texas should be called “freeCodeCamp Paris Texas”.

3 . Set your group to public.

  1. Click the Group Settings button

  1. Click the Group Type button:

6 . Choose the graduation cap icon to indicate that this group is related to education.

  1. Click the Location button:

  1. Enter your groups location

10 . Please feel free to personalize your local group’s description, but be sure to include a link to freeCodeCamp: It makes it much easier for possible new members to find you if you mention the country your city is in (or its state/province if in North America).

Also, bear in mind whether your locals may not fluently speak English, and thus having a group in your own language may do a better job at inspiring them to join. We want everyone to feel comfortable, and coding can be difficult enough without having the pressure of having to speak a different language on top of it.

11 . Click the Edit button on your group’s banner. To start out, you’ll probably just want to use freeCodeCamp’s banner (download it here), or a scenic shot of your city. Later you can update this with a picture from one of your city’s freeCodeCamp events.


The freeCodeCamp Study Group Directory is archived, and is no longer accepting new groups


You are now the leader of a freeCodeCamp study group! You can ask any questions you may have about leading your study group in the freeCodeCamp Contributors section.

And if you’re looking for some inspiration on how to lead your study group, read this.