Ogden, Utah local study group

Hi there,

I’ve followed the instructions at How to Create A Local Study Group for setting a local study group in my city, Ogden, Utah.

However, I ran into a couple of problems that prevented me from completing all of the steps.

First, either because of Justin’s privacy settings, or Facebook’s default group invitation settings, I am unable to invite https://www.facebook.com/FCC.GroupChancellor to the group as a member in order to make him an admin. It seems we need a prior connection of some sort to make him a “taggable” or “invitable” user for the new group. I’ve sent Justin a message via Messenger explaining my intent; I’ve also “added” him on Messenger, hoping to prompt him to open it and see the message.

Secondly, I’ve requested access to the “Local Leaders” Facebook, but the request has been pending since before the weekend despite numerous new posts in the meantime.

Where are the admins?

Hello? Anyone there?

Hey Chase :wave:

I can’t speak to either Facebook or the admins back in Feb of 2018.

However, we have recently started a Salt Lake group here on the FCC Forum. I don’t know if you can post meetups here — if you can’t there are several of us that can and we would be happy to help you get them posted! Just let one of us know - @metasean, @briancbarrow, & @dmoneyballer

I also run the SLC JS Learners’ group and if I have more info on your events, I’ll very happily share them with that group.


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Is the study group still active like before covid? @chsm