How to create a QR code generator

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I am working on a project which scans qr codes, I have developed an application that scan the qr code but my problem is on how to create qr codes with unique id which can be printed on different Items any advise or suggestions will be welcome thank you

Have you researched QR code generator libraries, or are you looking to bake your own? A quick google search for “qr code generator javascript” turns up a sizeable list of existing packages.

Hi @snowmonkey for your response, my project has to parts a mobile application and web application, the mobile application is being used by different users to scan physical items such as cups or balls which have qrcodes printed on them, and after scanning the item, the app queries the database and check to see if an item is in the database or not, after that process the results are returned to the user. web application is used for entering details of different items by into the database. I hope this clear enough and sorry for the long answer I hope I can get some help on my problem thanks!

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This tool looks pretty legit for creating qr codes:
straightforward and relatively low overhead. Though, what you may encounter from this tool is that they come out as svgs and may require some configuring to have them printed out.

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Haha someone with who I am almost on the same project but just mine I don’t have to use any library, I have to do it from scratch

actually im interested in this