How to create logos for web pages?

I’m working on a CSS/HTML project but have no idea how to create a logo for it. Any sites/suggestions? Thanks.

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Have a service automatically generate for you.

Search create logo in google.

You can use Photoshop or AI to make your logo :smiley: or


Illustrator is a better choice for logos because it’s a vector graphics editor. And you can output to high quality print or SVG. Photoshop is mainly for bitmap images like photos – JPG, PNG.
Notepad++Malwarebytes Filezilla

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Dear JustRobin,
I have just been doing this for my BCI startup!
I made the logo attached using free services.
Try Free service and compatible with print and web applications.
Also to make your images or edit them I recommend sketch, adobe illustrator and microsoft photo editor.
Hope this helps.
Founder CortexEEG

Agreed. If you need to convert images from one format to the other then illustrator is better than photoshop. Make sure you choose the right trace option. I found 16 colour trace works well to pick up all the details of colour and black and white images.

Just be careful that the logo they create for you hasn’t aready been claimed. You can check it at

U can use this site It is easy and not expensive