How to do I build my resume to land a Job

I have been coding for a bout 7 months now and ready to start trying to land a job but I really don’t know how to be notice or where to start applying for entry level positions. Would someone be able to help me out?

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Get on LinkedIn. Check their jobs site. Check and

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@PortableStick has some good places to start. I’d also create a portfolio on Github to showcase what you’ve done and give companies an idea of what you can do. Another thing I would do is research different types of attacks, such as Cross-site scripting (XSS), Cross-site Request Forgery (CSRF), and SQL Injection, and ways to prevent them. I’ve been asked about them in interviews and it helps to be familiar with them.


Generic job boards are the worst from my experience.

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You have to grow your personal network. Attend Meetups, hacker groups, etc.
Let your friends and former colleagues know that you are on the market. Pass them your profile and tell them that their help to find you a job would be highly appreciated.
If you are not noticed: Just get noticed. It as simple as that!


One of my problems would be resume I don’t have many projects to display on resume and I Not to sure how to build a proper Front-end resume.

If recruiters have few seconds to look for the right candidate, you should make it stand out. Keep it short, simple, make the facts matter, show your personality features that may be helpful for a given offer. Emphasize your portfolio, blogs, opensource work. Provide the places where you show your way of thinking about code/ design in case somebody wants to check you before inviting for an interview.

Here is the great article of Quincy on this topic:ésumé-that-employers-will-actually-read-fd7757740802#.3v20iqhn1
(I would go for keeping the photo, one of benefits: it makes you recognizable later after interview level).

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