How to do projects for certifications?

I am new coder here. I am doing Responsive Web Design course provided by freeCodeCamp. I wanted to know how to build projects and submit them for certification. Please guide me.
Thank you in advance.

The instructions in each of the projects point to using but it’s also noted that you can build the project whereever you choose as long as there’s a live version of it to submit.

To build each of the project successfully complete all the user stories. There’s a test suite provided that you run to ensure the tests pass.

If you’d like feedback on your completed project you can open a new topic in the #project-feedback subforum.

Since your question is rather broad I’m hoping I answered your question.

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Got clear idea about building projects. Thank you for your help and guidance. I have completed the course nearly 40%. If I get any further difficulties in future, can I feel free to ask you?
Thank you once again.

Feel free to ask in the forum. There are people eager to respond.

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