How to explain 2 year career gap?

I joined a company in Jan 2020 but I had to resign in March 2020 due to the pandemic. Due to my close ones getting ill, I couldn’t focus on my career at that time. And when I started preparing for the Jobs, I was confused. In Feb 2021, I enrolled in a CS course thinking I would refresh my concepts, then as I was halfway through it, I got to know about one exam that helps candidates get a better job, so I started preparing for it. But when I cleared that exam with good grades, I couldn’t find opportunities on their website as I was a graduate of 2018 and most companies wanted freshers.

In 2022, I started learning python, created a few projects, and started applying for jobs. But I always get nervous with questions regarding my career gap. Any suggestions on how I can explain it in the interview?

It sounds like your gap was “filled” with:

  • caring for loved ones
  • refreshing your skill set, where you took courses, and learned new things including…

I think that’s about as far as you’ll need to go into it, and bring focus into what you learned during that time, and leverage any possible previous experience you had in the far past that is relevant.

The main thing to focus on is all the things you learned during that time. You could get into the weeds of how the courses went, and or how you got confused, but I wouldn’t bring it up unless it comes to that. I’d focus more on the high level things you accomplished. As the “gap” is more related to employment, rather than you doing something. Your “gap” is filled with you taking care of your family and improving yourself, which is reasonable, especially during the pandemic when things could of gotten pretty crazy.

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Thank you so much for replying and making me realize I did do something in the last two years that I shouldn’t be ashamed of accepting. I think now I can prepare for the interviewer’s questions regarding my “gap” with more ease. I’m grateful for your help.

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