How to find inspiration for tribute page?

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This isn’t really a coding problem (yet), but I just got to the certification challenges and have no idea where to start with no prompt for what to put on the tribute page, and I’m having a hard time mapping out a template with zero direction as to what it’s going towards. It feels like way too much creative freedom at once, like if your English teacher suddenly told you to write an essay on anything, with no prompts except formatting requirements.

How did you guys pick what to make yours on?

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Challenge: Build a Tribute Page

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Hi @jordynrodgers !

Welcome to the forum.
For your first project. I would suggest picking a subject that you enjoy.

For me, I like to build projects around music because of my background as a musician.

You can build a tribute page on anything that interests you.

I wouldn’t stress to much on picking the right subject or making sure everything is perfect.

As for the design, start with something on the simpler side.

As long as you have a bio, picture, link and title you are good to go.

You could also draw out how you want to position the elements on the page or look through the forum’s #project-feedback section on how other people designs their pages.
You will find everything from very simple designs to very elaborate.

Here is mine for example.

The important thing is to focus on the learning aspect and not stress to much over the design part.

Hope that helps!


I recall that feeling. Its always like that in the start. You went thru those challenges and always had a very explicit description of whats expected of you and now you are on your own, expected to handle a problem with a wide range of known and less known techniques to use., whats left for the creative decisions. It replicates real life problems, when you are the one to pick on how to solve a problem.
Start simple. Decide on the subject. It can be a person(most likely), or an object, anything really. The best idea when feeling lost with something is look how others handled the same problem. On the Project Feedback section of those forums you can find planty of tribute pages posted by the community. You can see how they can be very different in their execution and you can take some ideas of them.

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I think I just made a joke-side for Chuck Norris or so :grin:

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Just to make sure, is it okay to look at other projects as long as I ignore the code?

ofc its ok, its even recommended to do it and especially the code. Learn and take of the ways they coded their project, ofc do not “copy” it, but mimic techniques and adopt them in your coding approach.


Half of the job of a developer is to google code, I think :wink:
I mean, the more you know, the better. But in the end, you get paid to get things done, not to memorize all possible codes and algorithms and keywords.

That said, you should try to only look at other peoples solutions, if you are really stuck. And try to use more general resources otherwise - to practice that.


Surely you can think of some person you like, admire, or have affected you (or the world) in some way worth a tribute page. It doesn’t have to be anything too serious.

Or just pick something random, the subject really doesn’t matter (as long as it is within the TOS). But if you do find the subject interesting you will likely put more effort into the project.


@jordynrodgers How about making a self-portrait tribute page? Seriously, I do not think that anyone has done that yet. I wish I had done that. It might have been kind of funny. Just an idea to get you started…

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That sounds horrifying, but I’m obviously projecting here. :smile: It might be a cathartic experience.


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