How to find the exact date a webpage was created or last updated?

I need to know the exact date (day, month and year) that a webpage was last updated or created for a School project.

Any idea on how I can do that?

Website 1 - Never mind, date was just added.
Website 2

Practically speaking I don’t think you really can. Here is a StackOverflow thread.

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Thanks for the information. I tried:


To see maybe if that helped, but it doesn’t help to find the date of the website (updates every few minutes).

I’ll try emailing the support to see if I can get any information then.

Hi @michaelnicol
Try this and see if this will work.

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@michaelnicol Did you just mean specifically for the two sites?

For the 3dprinting site this metadata might be correct (it might also not).


I just meant, in general, it is highly unlikely that you can use any one technique to get an accurate date.

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