How to get an image of your codepen project for your profolio

I need to make a profolio with a link to my projects via github. i know how to export the documents and upload it to github but i need an image of the porjects so that it can show on the profolio along with the link to github.

you can use those generated by codepen

still dont get it. nothing saved

If you want to create a screenshot you will need the url of your codepen project followed by /image/small.png

Then you set that url to the src attribute in the img tag.

Here is an example.

First grab the url

then add /image/small.png at the end of it

then create your image tag

<img src="" alt="Super Awesome Desserts FCC thumbnail">

Hope that is clear!

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omgggggg thank you sooo much ive been stuck on this for weeks! buttt one more thing for this project it needs to be a github link for this thumbnail so how do i do that

What do you mean by github link?

Are you asking how to use these image thumbnails when you deploy your project using something like github pages?

Hi! my image is not showing in the preview

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