How to get job on UpWork?

I finished FCC web development course since 40 days and I’m trying to get a freelancer job. I send many proposals on UpWork but I haven’t get any interviews yet. I created a portfolio which includes my apps on
This is my cover letter which I usually send to recruiters (with some adjustements):

Respected Recruiter,
I read your job post carefully, and I’m interested to get this job. I can create a responsive, well design and attractive look web site for you, using HTML, CSS. I can create dashboard to upload images, news …etc using MongoDB and express.js. Please check my portfolio on my profile.

Thank you for your consideration.
Bahaa Salaheldin

Is this cover letter is good to attract the recruiters? What are your advices to get work in freelancers sites ?

It’s unlikely. You won’t get recruiters on Upwork, that’s not how it works, you’re bidding (this is important) directly to people trying to do a specific thing. You need to very specifically (and concisely) explain how you’re going to be able to solve the actual problem they are wanting a cheap solution for. They are going to try and go off that + the price. Without previous work and ratings on Upwork you’re at a disadvantage, so you need to persuade the person on the other end that your proposal should win the bid.

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If you only have experience for 40 days, I would say it is very hard to get a freelancer job when there is many other freelancers with 5+ years of experience. You probably need to gather some more experience to be able to compete with others.

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Could you give me a sample of good cover letter ?

I’m sorry, but not really, beyond basic info about yourself – it’s very specific to the requested work. You’re literally trying to persuade someone that you can do a very specific job (often a very specific single task for a job), so you’re likely to need to outline why they should choose you and describe how you’re going to solve their problem. And you’re likely going to have to keep doing that over and over and over until you find something that works and start to be able to template bits of your pitch.

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