Review of my Upwork profile


I’m having problems with getting a job at Upwork. Please, have a look at my profile and say what would you do to improve it.

I mean, I get the picture. This is not a good profile. It is far from good even. Although, I don’t really see where should I go from where I am now. Should I build some high-quality portfolio items? Or work for free to get some testimonials(though it is restricted by Upwork)?

When I write to a client, I try to keep my message short. I send my portfolio items, approximate technologies I would use, an estimated time that this particular job would take and specify that the price is negotiable. I tried offering the lowest price, the exact price that the client claimed to be his budget, reasonable(in my opinion) price below his budget, but I keep being rejected.

Obviously, I’m doing something wrong. The question: what is it?

Here is my profile:

Here are my portfolio items:

  1. FCC JS certificate
  2. PHP documentation page
  3. Fictious landing page
  4. Alber Einstein tribute page
  5. JS bouncing balls game(made by MDN guide)

I can give you the first project on Upwork or Freelancer so you will have your first review, for details: telegram @diarfaton or

I will be honest that your portfolio is not impressive, it does not correlate to the skills you presented from what you show in your second screenshot. I hope that’s not all the projects you have done because that is obviously a lie about your skills from your first screenshot. If that is so, it does give a red flag to any client.

Clients or employees do not care how you learn, its what you can do for them and a portfolio is meant to showcase the skills that you highlighted. If you simply list out skills without showing it in your portfolio then you are not being honest about your skills.

Thus I suggest removing the FCC cert and only highlight main projects to showcase what you can do.
I also suggest that you rewrite your introduction to what you have done with your portfolio.