Anyone do work on Upwork?

I don’t know if I’m missing the true picture, but a random skim shows a lot of developers getting between $25-$40 an hour or so. Are these rates/gigs harder to come by than it looks? I’ve heard bad things about Upwork in general.

What kind of bad things?

I have been checking into Upwork and, to your question, I found:
… yes people can make $25 - $40 /hour working on Upwork
… yes it is hard, but it can be done, many people do succeed

The successful ones share common traits:
… you have to build a strong profile over time
… you must be consistently very good at what you do
… just a few poor feedback’s can really hurt your profile and ability to win bids
… you must be professional at all times, hold to deadlines, meet milestones
… you must not violate terms of work ( Upwork will kick you out )
… you must pick and choose your jobs carefully ( there are scams, jobs with a poor fit to your skills )
… successful freelancers usually have feedback saying they are a joy to work with, and have really good communication skills

The marketplace is very competitive, but I think if you are careful, dedicated, and have the coding chops to get the job done well and on time, you can make good money there.


Often times you are competing against people in countries with much lower costs of living than in the USA (India, Philippines, etc) so I would say don’t plan on trying to make a living off of just Upwork. Have other sources of income.

Anyone here working in Upwork? Can I join?

I need to enhance my programming skills via real world scenario and also need extra income.