Upwork Profile tips

Hi everyone, I’m a software developer and current student, and I’m trying to get my upwork profile approved. However every time I resubmit and try to get approved. I get rejected. Here is my profile. any tips are welcome:



Hi Leon, are they saying anything specific for reasons why? My suggestion is to go into the forums and ask for help, my experiences in the forums have been very positive. Maybe here:

One other thing, I did this mini-course when I was developing my own profile…



I could never get approved there either. I think there’s just a million Indian developer already on there. I am trying freelancer instead but it’s hard to get a break. Let me know if you manage to get approved

@rickstewart I cannot comment on the Upwork developer forums as I need to be accepted by Upwork before doing this!

Oops, sorry about that, I believe they must have changed that. As I recall I asked a couple of questions when I was just getting set up. I don’t think my profile was approved yet, I thought I only had my Upwork account set up. But maybe I am not remembering correctly.

You may have already seen this, but here is an article that explains some common issues and fixes for the Upwork approval process.