How to get rid of FCC coding window colors?

Blue. Light blue. Green. Orange.

I want to practice for whiteboard coding interviews, but it’s hard to do when freecodecamp basically gives you so many hints in terms of just the colors of the code you’re writing and if you do the syntax wrong. Also, I’ve noticed it also sometimes hints you with auto-complete on what functions there are by showing a little drop down.

Black and white text without color hints or any other hints would be would be ideal.

Is there any way to make FCC more barebones and without all the hints on the coding window so you can actually challenge your recall?

You can always use a text editor to write out your code and then copy/paste it back into the FCC editor to test things.

What I ended up doing is setting Windows to inverted grayscale.

Obscures the colors of the code pretty well.