How to get started with backend development?

I have studied computer engineering so there are less courses related to software. I know Java, C# basics. The problem is i only want to pursue backend development. So when i choose the course of backend development in freecodecamp, i cannot understand it because i think it is stage 4 or 5 which is linked to previous courses. So backend development in freecodecamp doesn’t start from scratch but you have to have knowledge of frontend and other stuff i think. Kindly guide how can i only learn backend development using freecodecamp or other sites if you know any?

As far as I can tell freeCodeCamp is focused more on the MERN stack. So MongoDb, Express.js, React.js, and Node.js.
If you want to get started on the backend I’d recommend that you get familiar with javascript first. I believe you should consider this course a prerequisite for learning backend with node.js.

If you want to build on your already accumulated knowledge then learning the .NET or Java Spring frameworks might be what you want to do.

As for resources, the internet is full of information and tutorials :smiley:
Edit: As always that’s just my opinion. There could also be some backend python courses on freeCodeCamp, but I really don’t know as I’ve been actually really interested in the MERN stack.

freeCodeCamp teaches fullstack development. This includes backend web development. There are some sections of the curriculum that are specific to that and don’t require a frontend, but ultimately the course is structured around the assumption that you will be connecting a frontend to your backend.

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