How to hide my projects and codes in my Certification?

Hi there, today I just finished my responsive web design certification. I noticed that the bottom of the certification includes all my projects and codes.

I don’t want my projects and codes to be shown to anyone.
What should I do؟

The problem is, why doesn’t it show the heavier projects that we design? And it only shows the last project of each part that is simple?


So why are other people’s projects hidden? like this:

this Certification is for my friend.

can anyone help please??

i believe your question was - how do I hide the certification projects, and the answer was: you cannot hide them.

For the screenshot you posted, if you click on the word “solution” it will open your friend’s solution correct? (so it is not hidden true?)

Finally your question “why doesn’t it show the heavier projects”?
The certification has 5 projects. All are shown. What project do you believe should also be shown that was not included?

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