How to install node.js

I just downloaded the 64 bit zip file for Windows but when I run the .exe a control panel opens. Is there something you have to write there to install it?


The window that opens, what it says? what options has?

You mean this:

It’s not a control panel, it’s a terminal prompt that lets you interact with Node.

But you’ve basically got no reason to ever run that exe. Open the terminal instead and check whether node is on your PATH by typing node -v, it should tell you the version. If it doesn’t tell you the version, ie you get an error or it says there’s nothing called node, then google adding node to your PATH. If node is on your PATH, then typing node and hitting enter will give you that same prompt you can see when you run the exe

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The .zip file is more confusing so I went back and downloaded the .msi and everything works now. Shows the version and all.

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