How to job hunt when I'm willing to relocate anywhere?

I recently moved back to Canada with my wife, after living in South America for a couple years. I got my start there in software, first training and then working as a Software Developer in Test. I also finished the FCC curriculum over the last 2-3 years and am now actively looking for any job using JavaScript as that’s what I’m most comfortable with.

We first landed in Toronto and stayed in an airbnb, while I applied for probably 500-1000 jobs. I’d get weekly calls from recruiters but only landed one interview. We left Toronto after a couple months with no luck, and came back to Calgary (my hometown), where we are currently staying rent-free and I’m applying across Canada, USA, even Europe, with the intent to relocate anywhere where I can get a job.

Calgary isn’t much of a tech city and sometimes it feels like applying to other cities is leading nowhere and I’d actually have to be in the city I’m applying to. I’m wondering if anyone’s had success getting a job outside their current city?

I’ve had more luck with remote than relocating. Most companies either didn’t want to pay for relocation, or when it came down to it they chose the candidate with the lowest cost to relocate.

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Hello. Do you have Linkedin account? You can easily find some good remote jobs there.

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Yeah, I’ve mostly been using LinkedIn and Indeed to apply. Do you have any advice for finding remote work on LinkedIn? I usually just search JavaScript and the City name, would I look for JavaScript remote?