How to land a Full Stack Dev job in Silicon Valley if you are from a different country?

I am 21 years old from India , I’m gonna get my B.Tech degree in CS by this April . I have an offer from a reputed company but I’m actually interested in web development and my short term goal is to land a Full Stack Dev job at Silicon Valley (dream of developers) at least that’s what we people here believe… I have started FCC curriculum like two weeks ago and completed the first cert, right now going through JS and I believe that I would complete the Full Stack dev cert . The job i have been offered… I don’t know anything about it neither does any one in the organization has any idea about it nor I could find anything online or in the organization website, but in the interview when I asked about the role and work the interviewer told me that its a new role in the organization and I’m gonna work on some front-end stuff… so I’m okay with that but I need to achieve my goal so, I would like to hear your thoughts on it and any idea how I can achieve my goal…

This is based on looking at the situation from across the pond in the UK, someone from the US can probably explain how the process works , but you’re Indian, so getting in via HB-1 lottery is your best bet to get hired I guess? Not easy but they seem to issue a shedload every year (though they get snapped up immediately). You’re cheap[er] labour just out of college, so if you’re good at getting through interviews then you’ve obviously got a chance. And California-based companies seem to be where all the HB-1s get disproportianately issued to (silicon valley’s machine feeds on mouldable young people who don’t cost too much relative to experienced devs). Note unless the US is somehow different to everywhere else, that BTech in CS is what you’re going to need and is absolutely critical, the dabbling in web dev not so much. Experience obviously counts a lot as well

Seems slightly bizzare and super sketchy from a UK point of view :man_shrugging: