How to learn freecodecamp with success and get a job?

I am very confused. I struggle to remember what I already learnt and struggle with focusing a lot already

I take notes of every step (there are mountains of tags, attributes, values) but I struggle sometimes to understand why something has been added. I started the web design certification at the beginning of May

I have completed the first 2 projects from scratch and it took me about 3 days for completion for each of them by doing mostly try and error

but I don’t feel confident in using what I have learnt to create or edit full websites in CSS and HTML

How to learn successfully coding via freecodecamp?

I want to get a job as web developer by this month

I work with Wordpress too for a few years now but it is mostly about using a paid theme and customize it but I know practically nothing of PHP

Could I get a job just by knowing HTML, CSS and JavaScript? (I will do freecodecamp JavaScript certification too)

now 2 months later:
I finished section 13 of New Web Design Certification
fixing my 3rd project that is a product landing page to make it look good

I thought to practice the concept I studied was to do css battles, etc. play games that require knowing HTML and CSS

what should I do to get a job as web developer by the end of this month?

I don’t see this as a realistic goal. To get a job, you need to have similar skills to someone with a degree. I tell learners to expect to put in an volume of effort equivalent to a four year degree in order to become job ready.

Write job applications?
I mean, you will have to write a lot anyway. Self-taught developers are a tricky thing to hire and thus hard to get a job with. Not impossible mind you, but you gonna expect to write a lot of applications. And you have to consider that it might take longer than a month and you might write applications for the same position in the same company several times, simply because some time has passed.

As for “what” to do - well apart from working on your skills with the curriculum, get some websites as reference so you don’t need to remember everything.
The major part however will be a personal website. If you want to get into frontend-dev, then having a frontend-website to show off certainly sounds like the way to go.
Doesn’t have to be mindblowing, but given one of the curriculum projects is a portfolio-website, you can use that as jumping off point. Use it as idea an built it in wordpress with more features and whatever you can think of.

If you want a job in one month… I feel like a basic application process will take about 2 months? Like, you gotte write it, they gonna read it, 1-3 rounds of interviews each maybe a week apart, then they gonna offer a contract via mail, you sent it back within a week and they gonna put in the data…

Anyway, the short version is: get a portfolio website, write applications. Maybe register on LinkedIn and other job-portals so people looking for frontend-devs can find you as well.


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